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Sun + Rain, Joy + Pain

there goes the sunshine, and here comes the rain again... balancing the heat, giving us some relief. a pleasure in itself.

dooooooooood—the summer is here! sunshine sizzling our flesh, warm salty breezes off the tropical coast. surprise downpours rinsing off ourselves, our urban grime, our woes.

partying with mates, picnics in the park and rooftop barbeques. planning elaborate holidaze—just to chill out.

after the amazing feedback of the london holidaze mixes, particularly the heaven mix, i present two new mixes, representing all the best of summer, and a few of my summer destinations, all with the help of some wicked chunes, including some warm summer chill-out, uplifting vocal trance, banging big-room trance and even a proper garage riddim mashup just for some london flavah.

two journeys, all the way up and all the way back down again. sweet and sour, joy and pain, sun and rain... both chilled-out and truly truly bangin'.

joy + pain

sun + rain

  1. the sun always shines on tv—vandoren og vanholyland mix [milk inc.]
  2. one summer—extended mix [alex k & dee]
  3. free spirit—marc van linden mix [marc et claude feat. maria nayler]
  4. be with you [tara lowe]
  5. alone, praying in the darkness—mysterio club mix [jakima]
  6. the truth—jan driver mix [kaycee]
  7. everytime you need me—above & beyond mix [fragma]
  8. don't you know—fragrance mix [rock ryders]
  9. rock your body rock [ferry corsten]
  10. come with me—kb project mix [special d]
  11. through the barricades [caracas]
  12. lamenting city [alex coon]
  13. serenity—extended mix [dj energy]
  14. beautiful [matt darey]
  15. beautiful—dubaholics vocal mix [dubaholics]
  1. autumn tactics—thrillseekers club mix [chicane]
  2. beachbreeze—green court mix [svenson & gielen]
  3. as the rush comes—armin van buuren mix [motorcycle]
  4. southern sun 2004—white isle mix [fatkid]
  5. here comes the rain [nrc]
  6. satellite—above & beyond mix [oceanlab feat. justine suissa]
  7. elements 2004 [neo cortex]
  8. california dreamin'—kb project mix [royal gigolos]
  9. new york city boy—lange mix [pet shop boys]
  10. you put me in heaven with your touch—lange mix [rhythm of life]
  11. if i were you—pronti & kalmani vocal mix [candee jay]
  12. home—above & beyond mix [chakra]
  13. call me—frank degrees mix [orion too feat. caitlin]
  14. lumea ta [dj project]
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110.2mb Summer Heaven [Joy + Pain] - DJ Jonny Moiré ZIP archive of continuous-mix MP3

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