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the electroclash movement of 2001/2 is really a sexy reinvention of the synthpop sounds of the 80's. loving the raunchy rowdy sexy lyrics of the likes of fischerspooner and peaches, jonny decided to put together an original track for his upcoming dirrrrty electro compilation.

taking gary numan's classic, cars and turning it on its head, jonny funked up the beats, bounced up the bass and threw in, well, a boy.

who is this boy, and what is he doing in jonny's car? well, maybe even jonny isn't quite sure.

what's up baby?
let's go for a ride

here in my boy
i feel safest of all
i grab him real tight
it's the only way to live
in boys

here in my boy
he keeps on looking at me
will you fuck me again
and will you give it to me
in boys


here in my boy
i get down on my knees
he says nothing to me
it's so hot and so wet
in boys

here in my boy
after he's fallen asleep
take me to heaven tonight
it just feels so right
in boys

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