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  1. Deceptacon [Le Tigre]
  2. Last Nite [The Strokes]
  3. Are You Gonna Be My Girl [Jet]
  4. 19-2000 (soulchild remix) [Gorillaz]
  5. Close to me [The Cure]
  6. Do You Want To [Franz Ferdinand]
  7. Bigmouth strikes again [The Smiths]
  8. Debaser [The Pixies]
  9. Parklife [Blur]
  10. You and Me Song [The Wannadies]
  11. Common People [Pulp]
  12. What You Waiting for [Gwen Stefani]
  13. Celebrity Skin [Hole]
  14. Do You Remember The First Time [Pulp]
  15. Teenage Kicks [The Undertones]
  16. Seven Nation Army [White Stripes]
  17. Comfortably Numb [Scissor Sisters]
  18. Bizarre Love Triangle [New Order]
  19. Only Love Can Break Your Heart [St. Etienne]
  20. Beautiful Ones [Suede]
  21. Dreaming of You [The Coral]
  22. Someday [The Strokes]
  23. Pure Morning [Placebo]
  24. Kids In America [Kim Wilde]
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