jonny moirée

dj jonny moirée \ party trick
volume one

  1. the salmon dance [the chemical brothers feat. fatlip]
  2. i got this down [simian mobile disco]
  3. lean like a cholo [moirée moving mix] [down aka kilo]
  4. get this party started [powerbasse]
  5. grace kelly [bimbo jones mix] [mika]
  6. slipping away [crier la vie, mhc extended mix] [moby feat. mylène farmer]
  7. don't go [bailey and rossko mix] [yazoo]
  8. running up that hill [vocal club] [prax paris]
  9. make your own kind of music [mathieu bouthier]
  10. lucky [hot stuff long mix] [lucky twice]
  11. nothing in this world [dave aude club mix] [paris hilton]
  12. read my mind [pet shop boys stars are blazing mix] [the killers]
  13. umbrella [rafael lelis club mix] [rihanna]
  14. it's a fine day [rafael lilis private mix] [opus iii]
  15. show stopper [dave aude club mix] [danity kane]
  16. like a boy [mysto and pizzi dance mix] [ciara]
  17. the way i are [timbaland feat. keri hilson & d.o.e.]

volume two

  1. stronger [kanye west feat. daft punk]
  2. holdon [apparat feat. raz ohara]
  3. party trix [miss odd kid]
  4. self control [infernal]
  5. kelly [alan braxe & fred falke mix] [van she]
  6. another place [blasto! mix] [prom feat. i-fan]
  7. jazz in your face [erick morillo]
  8. i've got a life [david guetta & joachim garraud mix] [eurythmics]
  9. love is gone [fred rister & joachim garraud mix] [david guetta]
  10. my grabbing hands [notorious mot mix] [ballroom]
  11. if you give me [john dahlback]
  12. pump it up [the roof's burner electro mix] [danzel]
  13. dear diary [evolved mix] [michael m.]
  14. u and ur hand [12" mix] [pink]
  15. hurt [jonathan peters mix] [christina aguilera]
  16. sunchyme [ramiro nestor mix] [ramiro nestor]
  17. sun is shining [dirty south mix] [bob marley]

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