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Friday Popstarz, Saturday Heaven, Sunday Beyond

for the 2003 holidaze i created 3 limited edition mega exclusive super duper mix cds for my [50] closest friends and family. they've all been printed, packaged and posted, and are en route to destinations around the globe. for those of you not lucky enough to receive the discs, i'm making the mixes available online as mp3s, which you can download and enjoy to your heart's/ears'/feet's content. the mixes were inspired by my three favorite club nights out in london...

friday: popstarz. boys in skinny ties pogoing across the red stripe-covered floors while the fauxhawks and mohawks snog on the staircase. inspired by london's biggest indie club, popstarz, i created a fast-paced cd melding 29 tracks, from indie [pulp, bis] to electro [goldfrapp, richard x] ending with some sweaty r'n'b [beyoncé, kelis].

saturday: heaven. c-list celebs in the vip room, progressive trance in the main room, drag queens doing charlie in the bathroom. inspired by the world's most famous gay club, heaven, i've mixed the most euphoric hands-in-the air eurotrance anthems from the likes of tomcraft, dj sammy and ian van dahl.

sunday: beyond. no more kidding around—here's the party. to wrap up the weekend, i'm serving up some funky balearic beats and uplifting vocal house, inspired by london's answer to studio 54—the decadent afterhours club beyond. tribal goodness from sandy rivera, john silver, bob sinclair, boogie pimps and the sultriest divas. my fave.

update 2005.11.25: the friday/popstarz disc has been fully remastered, with higher-quality song files, cleaner mixes and better mp3 compression.
update 2005.12.17: the saturday/heaven disc has been fully remastered, with higher-quality song files, cleaner mixes, two additional tracks, and better mp3 compression.
update 2005.12.22: the sunday/beyond disc has been fully remastered, with higher-quality song files, cleaner mixes, one additional track, and better mp3 compression.




  1. No Doubt: It's My Life
  2. Adam Freeland: We Want Your Soul
  3. Pulp: Common People
  4. Electric Six: Gay Bar
  5. Bis: Eurodisco
  6. Gravy Train!!!!: Hella Nervous
  7. White Stripes: Seven Nation Army [Adam Freeland Mix]
  8. Suede: Beautiful Ones
  9. Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
  10. Blur: Girls And Boys
  11. Easyworld: Bleach
  12. Goldfrapp: Train
  13. Felix Da Housecat feat. Miss Kittin: Silver Screen Shower Scene
  14. Peaches: Fuck the Pain away
  15. Kinks: You Really Got Me
  16. Ladytron: Paco!
  17. Peaches: Bag It [Greg's Tequila Mix]
  18. Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
  19. Richard X feat. Kelis: Finest Dreams
  20. Kylie: Slow
  21. Madonna feat. Missy Elliot: American Life [Missy Remix]
  22. Beyoncé feat. Sean Paul: Baby Boy
  23. Beyoncé feat. Jay Z: Crazy In Love
  24. Britney Spears feat. Madonna: Me Against The Music
  25. Justin Timberlake: Senorita
  26. Tweet: Boogie 2nite [Michael on the Sofa Mix]
  27. Kelis: Milk Shake
  28. Missy Elliott: Pass That Dutch
  29. Sugababes: Nasty Ghetto
  1. DJ Sammy: Heaven [S'n'Y Mix Extended]
  2. Divine Inspiration: The Way [Svenson and Gielen Mix]
  3. Steve Murano: Passion
  4. Love Inc.: You're A Superstar
  5. DJ Dave: Stand By Me [Whitelabel]
  6. Space Brothers: One More Chance
  7. Michael Woods: If U Want Me [Antillas Remix]
  8. Yomanda: You're Free [Synth Mix]
  9. Plastic Boy: Live Another Life
  10. Uniting Nations: You and Me [Stevie B Remix] -new-
  11. Ian Van Dahl: I Can't Let You Go [Extended Mix]
  12. Chakra: Love Shines Through
  13. Madonna: American Life [Peter Rauhofer's American Anthem]
  14. Tomcraft: Loneliness
  15. Azure: Sunset
  16. Plummet: Damaged
  17. Saint: One in a Million
  18. Elton John: Are You Ready For Love? [Mylo's Road Map Remix] -new-
  19. Elton John: Are You Ready For Love? [Original]
  1. Milk & Sugar feat. Lizzy Pattinson: Let The Sunshine In [Terrace Vocal Mix]
  2. Junior Jack: E Samba
  3. Ritmo Dynamic: Calinda
  4. Lee Cabrera: Shake It [Move a Little Closer]
  5. Dutch feat. Crystal Waters: My Time
  6. Bob Sinclair: Beat Goes On [Andrew’s Jiggy Jiggy Cubicle Mix]
  7. Kurtis Mantronix Pres. Chamonix: How Did You Know?
  8. John Silver: Come On Over
  9. Sandy Rivera: I Can't Stop [Mark’s Mashed Potato Mix]
  10. Who Da Funk: Shiny Disco Balls [Harry Choo Choo Romero Mix]
  11. Kid Crème: Hypnotizing
  12. Praise Cats: Shined On Me
  13. E Funk feat. Donica Thorton: Shout
  14. Shakedown: At Night [Kid Creme Mix]
  15. Kujay Dada: Young Hearts [Poppers Atif Mix]
  16. Boogie Pimps: Somebody To Love [Salt Shaker Mix]
  17. Tomcraft: Brainwashed
  18. Benny Benassi: Satisfaction [Poxy Music Old School Mix]
  19. Wayne Wonder: No Letting Go [Al B Rich Club Mix]
  20. M-Gee feat. Mica Paris: Bodyswerve [Grant Nelson Club Mix] -new-
  21. Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham: Make Luv [Junior Jack Mix]
full mixes
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115mb London Holidaze [Heaven] - DJ Jonny Moiré ZIP archive of continuous-mix MP3
118mb London Holidaze [Beyond] - DJ Jonny Moiré ZIP archive of continuous-mix MP3

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