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we like guitars, we like emo, we like pogo, we like angry boypop. jonny's on an indie kick, and there's no stopping this rock. featuring the freshest indie/rock/new wave/synthpop from both sides of the pond.

Nonstop Indie Dance Party Vol. 1
presented by DJ Jonny Moirée
  1. Scumbody Told Me [Arctic Monkeys vs. The Killers]
  2. Shake That 50 Cent [The Lovemakers vs. 50 Cent]
  3. Talking On The Phone [Elkland]
  4. You Make Me Like Charity [The Knife]
  5. Destroy Everything You Touch [Ladytron]
  6. In Time [Kelley Polar]
  7. Still In Love Song [The Stills]
  8. Telestar [Clear Static]
  9. Dancing Shoes [Arctic Monkeys]
  10. Blue Orchid [The White Stripes]
  11. Little Dawn [Ted Leo & the Pharmacists]
  12. Apart [Elkland]
  13. Like Eating Glass [Bloc Party]
  14. Sugar, We're Going Down [Fall Out Boy]
  15. Ban Marriage [The Hidden Cameras]
  16. I Want To Be Buried In Your Backyard [Nightmare of You]
  17. Cigarette Smoke [Arctic Monkeys]
  18. Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt [We Are Scientists]
  19. Honest Mistake [The Bravery]
  20. Misfit [Elefant]
  21. Where Is Your Boy Tonight? [Fall Out Boy]
  22. Shame and Scandal [Madness]
  23. Everybody's Leaving [Elkland]
  24. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey,
    You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet
    [Panic! At the Disco]
  25. Pure Imagination [Maroon 5]
Nonstop Indie Dance Party Vol. 2
presented by DJ Jonny Moirée
  1. Take Me Home [Don Juan Dracula]
  2. Steady As She Goes [The Raconteurs]
  3. Come On Make Me Feel [Goat Explosion]
  4. Elevate Myself [Grandaddy]
  5. Worth The Wait [We Are Scientists]
  6. I Love You [The Pipettes]
  7. I Love A Man in Uniform [Gang of Four]
  8. Photograph [Shiny Toy Guns]
  9. Raoul [The Automatic]
  10. Cowbell [Tapes 'n Tapes]
  11. Where'd You Go [Fort Minor]
  12. 4th Period: Clothes Off! [Gym Class Heroes]
  13. Under the Bridge [Gym Class Heroes]
  14. Cash Machine [Hard-Fi]
  15. Are You The One? [The Presets]
  16. Friday Night [Lily Allen]
  17. Me and Madonna [Tiga Remix] [Black Strobe]
  18. Two Chord Song [The Chalets]
  19. Hard to Beat [Hard-Fi]
  20. Everything [Demo Version] [Jehro]
  21. Represent, Cuba [Orishas feat. Heather Headley]
  22. Don't Speak [Leela James]
  23. Only You [Joshua Radin]
  24. Sundrenched World [Joshua Radin]
  25. John the Revelator [Son House]
Nonstop Indie Dance Party Vol. 3
presented by DJ Jonny Moirée
  1. It's Not Over Yet Klaxons
  2. Teddy Picker Arctic Monkeys
  3. The Magic Position Patrick Wolf
  4. Big Girl [You Are Beautiful] Mika
  5. Ice Cream New Young Pony Club
  6. This Boy I'm From Barcelona
  7. Friday Night, Saturday Morning The Specials
  8. Rebellion (Lies) The Arcade Fire
  9. The Rat The Walkmen
  10. Fa-Fa-Fa Datarock
  11. A Horse and his Boy Anna Ranger
  12. Out of Control (State of Emotion) Kenna
  13. Girls Who Play Guitars Maximo Park
  14. Hysteria Muse
  15. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors Editors
  16. Brianstorm  Arctic Monkeys
  17. Staying Out For The Summer Dodgy
  18. Guess Who Ran Away With The Milkman? The Pipettes
  19. Charlie Don't Surf The Clash
  20. Intervention Arcade Fire
  21. I Turn My Camera On Spoon
  22. Somebody Told Me Richard Cheese
Nonstop Indie Dance Party Vol. 4
presented by DJ Jonny Moirée
  1. Can I Get Get Get Junior Senior
  2. Good Weekend Art Brut
  3. Standing In The Way of Control The Gossip
  4. The Boys Dragonette
  5. The Middle Jimmy Eat World
  6. Flathead The Fratellis
  7. Time is Running OutMuse
  8. Girls and Boys in Love The Rumble Stirps
  9. Float On Modest Mouse
  10. Whine & Dine The Lovemakers
  11. As Above, So Below Klaxons
  12. Selfish Jean Travis
  13. Worried About Ray The Hoosiers
  14. Bohemian Like You Dandy Warhols
  15. Stiff Kittens Blaqk Audio
  16. D is for Dangerous Arctic Monkeys
  17. Mistakes Like These Mighty Six Ninety
  18. The Don The View
  19. Just A Song About Ping Pong Operator Please
  20. We Used to be Friends The Dandy Warhols
  21. Clean Up Your Eyes The Dykeenies
  22. Get Lost Patrick Wolf
  23. Doing it Right The Go! Team
  24. Make Your Own Kind of Music The Mamas and The Papas
  25. Somewhere Else Razorlight
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