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listen here, hollywood. we're over. it's through. it's not you, it's me [yeah right]. the thing is, i've started seeing someone else...

jonny's leaving the land of fruits, nuts and flakes—where everybody is somebody—to pastures new. new york, in fact.

this mix celebrates and pokes fun at los angeles, hollywood, west hollywood livin', and looks east to the rocking and rolling surely awaiting jonny in the big apple.

  1. everyone is someone in l.a. [felix da housecat]
  2. l.a. [murs & 9th wonder]
  3. california sun [the ramones]
  4. moving to l.a. [felix da housecat]
  5. ain't nobody straight in l.a. [the miracles]
  6. madame hollywood [felix da housecat feat. tiga]
  7. this ain't hollywood [armand van helden feat. will 'tha wiz' lemay]
  8. my west hollywood lifestyle, whatever [t-ball & bj]
  9. the heinrich maneuver [interpol]
  10. at home he's a tourist [gang of four]
  11. america [razorlight]
  12. moving to new york [the wombats]
  13. i love new york [rough rock demo] [madonna]
  14. new york city boy [pet shop boys]
  15. nyc beat [armand van helden]
  16. the boy from new york city [the ad libs]
  17. ode to l.a. [the raveonettes]
  18. angeles [elliott smith]
  19. hotel california [gipsy kings]

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