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Future 60s

May I have your attention, please? Gather round, all you swingers, hipsters, mods, punks and Teds. I'd like to bring to your attention a new sound that sweeping the Nation of Moirée—an uplifting, upright wall of sound that's got all the kids excited as punch, and is guaranteed to take over your hi-fi faster than you can say wet your whistle.

We call it Future 60s and it's sure to get your next swingin' shindig off to a brilliant start.

Strummy guitars + crisp vocals + boppy rhythms + vintage hairstyles = future retro bliss.

Future 60s
  1. Pull Shapes The Pipettes
  2. Young Folks Peter Bjorn and John
  3. Two Chord Song The Chalets
  4. Who Needs Love? Razorlight
  5. Judy The Pipettes
  6. Golden Skans Klaxons
  7. The Authority Song Jimmy Eat World
  8. Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me The Pipettes
  9. The Magic Position Patrick Wolf
  10. Love In A Trashcan The Raveonettes
  11. I Love You The Pipettes
  12. Because Elliott Smith
  13. Theme From Chalets The Chalets
  14. My Boyfriend's Back The Raveonettes
  15. ABC The Pipettes
  16. A Sister's Social Agony Camera Obscura
  17. Whistle for the Choir The Fratellis
  18. Treehouse I'm From Barcelona
  19. Last Night on Northgate Street The Long Blondes
  20. Gogo Don't Go The Chalets
  21. Why Did You Stay? The Pipettes
  22. Tank! Cowboy Bebop
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