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Freestyle Explosion

Sup, y'all? It's Dee-SHAY Jonny Moirée, comin' at ya! Hollah hollah! Yeah, chu know what I'm tawkin' about.

Awright, listen up y'all. We'z gonna drop it like it's 1984 FRESH. We got some Lisa Lisa, some Sweet Sensation, some Johnny O, some Stevie B, some motherfreestylin' Shannon!

It's your boy Jonny Em in DA mix, slamming some OLD SCHOOL freestyle anthems your way in his latest mix, Freestyle EXPLOSION (chu know it's good cuz Jonny never uses capitals).

21 tracks x 118 BPM x 1984 x B-96 = BLaZiN FREeSTyLE!

  1. Fantasy Girl Johnny O
  2. Dream Boy/Dream Girl Cynthia & Johnny O
  3. In My Eyes Stevie B
  4. This is the Last Time Laura Enea
  5. Point of No Return Exposé
  6. Together Forever Lissette Melendez
  7. Fascinated Company B
  8. Give Me Tonight Shannon
  9. Maria TKA
  10. Sending All My Love Linear
  11. Sincerely Yours Sweet Sensation
  12. Show Me The Cover Girls
  13. Two Make It Right Seduction
  14. I Wonder if I Take You Home Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam w/ Full Force
  15. Hooked on You Sweet Sensation
  16. Let The Music Play Shannon
  17. Spring Love Stevie B
  18. Can You Feel the Beat? Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam w/ Full Force
  19. Two of Hearts Stacey Q
  20. In a Dream Rockell
  21. Because I Love You Stevie B
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