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dirrrty electro—jonny moirée

dj jonny moirée brings you perhaps his most artistic and eclectic compilation yet—dirrrty electro—the dirtiest, filthiest, raunchiest, grittiest electro tracks anywhere. songs about fucking and pissing and obsessions and cameltoes and titties and sluts and ejaculation and scat. 79 minutes of throbbing beats and shocking lyrics, best played just a bit past full volume.

dirrrty electro—jonny moirée
  1. every friday night [gary flanagan]
    leather and lust, a kenetic beat / we look like stars, we cruise the bars / friday night, in a darkened club / boys and girls will meet
  2. sex machine [my robot friend]
    i could not replace / the inhibitions i erased / i'm such a damn disgrace / i wanna fuck the human race
  3. titties bounce [gravy train]
    more, more! / after kneelin' on the church floor / tore, tore! / up the holy fucking sacrament
  4. ass'n'titties [dj assault]
    stanking ass bitches / that need to wash up / don't get mad / when i don't wanna fuck
  5. back it up [peaches]
    it feels great / to stimulate / your prostate / relax, it’s fat / let me pack / your crack
  6. megacolon [fischerspooner]
    it came out in a blast / that was really foul / forget the white cloud / i need the bounty towel
  7. frank sinatra [miss kitten & the hacker]
    motherfuckers are so nice / suck my dick / lick my ass / in the mix we have sex / everynight with my famous friends
  8. here and now [client]
    you know you're twisted / you twist the knife again / you know i'll save my pain / for the darkest night
  9. cameltoe [fannypack]
    i could see her uterus / her pants were too tight / she musn’t own panties / there were none in sight
  10. you made me gay [gravy train]
    so listen up ladies / i like guyz and hate babies / if you get me real drunk / i’ll go for the junk in the trunk
  11. information [riviera]
    try to get your money / from the atm machine / with my empty heart / this is my last chance
  12. aa xxx [peaches]
    rockin' me all night / flexin' his might / doin' it right / keepin' me tight
  13. you're rude—silver jubille mix [bad cabbage]
    everybody knows its true / you’re a bitch and you are a slut / i just want to be fucked by you / while you just want to get fucked
  14. boys [jonny moirée]
    here in my boy / he keeps on looking at me / will you fuck me again / and will you give it to me
  15. come into my world—fischerspooner mix [kylie minogue]
    oh baby come, come / come into my world / won't you lift me up / oh up / high upon your love
  16. the end starts today [bis]
    nail me down / i know my head’s not here / bring it back / the end’s starting today
  17. do i look like a slut [avenue d]
    do i look like a slut? / is it the way i move my butt? / is it the way my clothes are cut?
  18. soccer practice [jonny mcgovern]
    i'm a dirty frat boy / on a dirty soccer team / go into the locker room / after wrestling
  19. seventeen [ladytron]
    they only want you / when you're seventeen / when you're twenty-one / you're no fun
  20. obssession [animotion]
    i will have you / yes, i will have you / i will find a way / and i will have you
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