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dj jonny moirée brings you volume two of dirrrty electro—the dirtiest, filthiest, raunchiest, grittiest electro tracks anywhere. songs about ass worship, getting freaky on the dancefloor, in the bedroom, online; about licking and sucking and fucking—you know, basically having a golly gee good time. 74 minutes of throbbing beats and shocking lyrics, best played just a bit past full volume.
  1. that boy is all about fun [freezepop]
    if you need plans friday night /there's a boy you should know / stick with him you'll be all right / he knows just where to go
  2. stick it in! [avenue d]
    you're my dreamboy / you came and filled my pants with joy / and i'm gonna smile again / cuz i know you're gonna stick it in
  3. night life [adult]
    in my nightlife / i don't think twice / everything is so nice
  4. handy-man [the knife]
    then something went wrong / and the feeling was so gone / slipped the hammer on your thumb / and the saw got caught in your thong
  5. irl [mirror boiyz]
    wanna get physical / or do you wanna do me digital? / you don't know me / so you can't tell my friends i'm a whore
  6. i need a freak - ladytron remix [electrocute]
    i need a freak / i really do / i want a freak / one that acts and looks like you
  7. suffer well - alter ego remix [depeche mode]
    from the blackest room / i was torn / he called my name / a love was born / so i believe
  8. freak like me [brad walsh feat. vicky-marie]
    what will it take to tame you girl / what do you want most in this world? / all that i want is a freak like me
  9. apart - rough edit [elkland]
    i'll do what i do / i can't stop dreaming of you / i want you to be here / i want it to be now
  10. psychological [pet shop boys]
    what's that spilled on the kitchen floor / who's that knocking on the cellar door / it's psychological
  11. overdose [tomcraft]
    she doesn't get enough cocaine / she doesn't get enough hard / she doesn't get enough pure / she died from an overdose
  12. you love this ass [avenue d]
    how to work it / jerk it / make you go berserk it / ride it / slide it / just the way you like it / kiss it / fist it / till i'm full of jizz
  13. black jettas [ima robot]
    they all play the game in black jettas / windows tinted / right side dented / last night one tried to kill me i'm sure / i think it was her
  14. dance [the lovemakers]
    it just seems strange to me / that you that you and i are all alone / all you said was sorry and that you understand / i prefer to dance at home
  15. g-spot - brad walsh remix [punk bunny]
    this hole is bleeding but the other one is not / take off your sweats / show me what you got / button down your pants / it's time to dance
  16. they keep dancing - nuvo remix [perspects]
    dancing without you is the one you call your friend / fall down in the corner / at the evening's end
  17. love life [performance]
    take off the filthy lingerie / your romance is dated anyway / you forgot to forget / sex with that wretch you met / whose smile was uncontrollably sinister
  18. good life [mirror boiyz]
    oklahoma is written across the kid's chest / and you know he's never been to the midwest / now who's that boy looking at you / with the popped collar
  19. crack whores are tedious [supress undress]
    you are my pin-up / and you put me up and down / directly taking this charm / blinded by the hound
  20. lick suck dick fuck [houston bernard]
    i got a thing for licking vaginal creases / just to see what your pussy releases / real tight butt / so i can finger fuck / ram it in your cunt like my dick was a truck
  21. thanks, bitch [avenue d]
    hope they find you face down in a ditch / your heart is fake / you're a whore and a stupid cunt
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