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ambiguous promiscuous

ambiguous promiscuous.

straight or gay? does it matter? everyone's a little bit bi, right?

boys who like girls who do boys like they're girls who do... mmm....

sexuality in 2006 is going through a renaissance, with people getting freaky in some freaky ways that really aren't considered "freaky" by most. and jonny bringins you a soundtrack to seduce, to lick, to suck, to bite, to date, to mate right along to.

a wild mix full of surprises, ambiguous promiscuous is one of jonny's most meandering mixes ever. like jonny tells the boys and girls he drags back to his bedroom: take a chance, step outside your comfort zone, and enjoy the ride....

we start with some credible gender-bending punk, bop through some neo-electro, smirk through some pop cheeze and bite into some raunchy erotic house before wiping off with some cool pop classics.

  1. jet boy, jet girl [the damned]
  2. boys keep swinging [david bowie]
  3. strip [adam ant]
  4. i like the boys [pleasure seekers]
  5. i'm a slut [bis]
  6. sex is personal [the faint]
  7. gay boy [futon]
  8. hollaback boy [cobra starship]
  9. promiscuous [crossroads mix] [nelly furtado]
  10. pictures [timo maas]
  11. i know what girls like [young punx mix] [space cowboy]
  12. sexy fuck [who's who]
  13. find a new way to dance [young love]
  14. dance i said [touche mix] [erick morillo feat p diddy]
  15. sex secret [peter rauhofer reconstruction mix] [2 raum wohnung]
  16. who's your daddy [david guetta mix] [benny benassi]
  17. the price of one [rupaul]
  18. boy [peter rauhofer mix] [book of love]
  19. double decker supreme [gravy train!!!!]
  20. tinted windows [pansy division]
  21. cowboys are frequently secretly [fond of each other] [willie nelson]
  22. no strings [lola]
  23. jealousy [pet shop boys feat. robbie williams]
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