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internationally worshipped, often imitated and rediculously stalked, dj jonny moirée is no stranger to the hedonistic globetrotting hero-worship deejay culture. always fresh, never predictable, he's a surprisingly shy figure on the dance music scene.

evijhserf is incredibly pleased to bring you these exclusive mixes, singles and remixes below, mastered directly from jonny's masters. all files are provided in high quality [160kbps VBR] mp3 format, nicely packaged in ZIP archives to provide affirmation of download and to prevent streaming [you cheeky cheeky buggers!]

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2007.08 party trick vol. 2 have you been practicing your party trick? jonny has—and it's impressive. this summer his party train just keeps chuggin, with even more chunky, slammin', electro house, dance, eurotrance, hip hop, booty-shakin goodness.
2007.08 jonny hearts new york jonny hearts new york listen here, hollywood. we're over. it's through. it's not you, it's me [yeah right]. the thing is, i've started seeing someone else...
2007.08 party trick vol. 1 what's your party trick? opening a beer bottle without using your hands? shooting ping pong balls out of your hoo-haa? reciting state capitols alphabetically? jonny's party trick is providing an instant party soundtrack. funky, soulful, bumpin electro house, dance, eurotrance, hip hop, booty shakin choons. surprises, rare remixes, fun times.
2007.07 nonstop indie dance party vol. 3 we like guitars, we like rockpop, we like funky electropop [don't call it 'new rave']. jonny's on an indie kick, and there's no stopping this rock. featuring this summer's freshest indie/rock/synthpop from both sides of the pond.
2007.07 pseudo summer
2007.06 freestyle explosion jonny'z gonna drop it like it's 1984 fresh. we got some lisa lisa, some sweet sensation, some johnny o, some stevie b, and some motherfreestylin' shannon! we're slamming some old school freestyle anthems your way!
2007.06 future 60s jonny would like to bring to your attention a new sound that sweeping the nation of moirée—an uplifting, upright wall of sound that's got all the kids excited as punch, and is guaranteed to take over your hi-fi faster than you can say wet your whistle—future 60s.
2007.03 30 party party jonny was well-chuffed to deejay atif & eric's spectacular 30th birthday extravaganza at the heaven nightclub. the mandate was fun, poppy, retro party music, with a few sentimental requests thrown in.
2007.01 church of moirée jonny's service is about to begin, so set yourself down and prepare yourself for the gospel according to jonny. nearly three hours of uplifting urban house. soulful, funky, moving, foot-stomping tunes, assembled into a rockin' but peacful extended mix.
2006.12 winter warmer jonny's annual holiday mix this year is a two-disc treat featuring two gimmicks that jonny knows best—remixes and covers!
2006.11 ambiguous
boys or girls? straight or gay? bi? does it even matter? slam that effeminate boy, that punk girl, that freak that's been getting you hot all night against the wall and get at it. jonny bringins you a soundtrack to seduce, to lick, to suck, to bite, to date, to mate right along to.
2006.xx boots and pants jonny presents a semi-regular podcast-only mix featuring whatever his favorite tunes-of-the-moment are, in a heavy, surprising, chunky funky dance mix.
2006.09 nonstop indie dance party vol. 2 we like guitars, we like emo, we like pogo, we like angry boypop. jonny's on an indie kick, and there's no stopping this rock. featuring 2006's freshest indie/rock/new wave/synthpop from both sides of the pond.
2006.06 parlez vous moirée bootée this summer seems to be all about booty bouncin', french-stylee. always up for experiencing some foreign tongues, jonny serves up a mix of french and nearly-french electro/house/disco anthems, a mix even more delicious than macaroons with micha.
2006.05 dirrrty electro vol. 2 volume two of dirrrty electro—the dirtiest, filthiest, raunchiest, grittiest electro tracks anywhere. songs about ass worship, getting freaky on the dancefloor, in the bedroom, online; about licking and sucking and fucking.
2006.03 popstarz classic the signature compilation to encapsulate the energy, the excitement, the bliss of london's legendary indie club, popstarz.
2006.03 nonstop indie dance party we like guitars, we like emo, we like pogo, we like angry boypop. jonny's on an indie kick, and there's no stopping this rock. featuring 2006's freshest indie/rock/new wave/synthpop from both sides of the pond.
2006.01 ice melts winter warmer mix, ice melts cold is your broken heart standing outside his window in the cold winter rain, while ice melts hot is sunshine and and a warm breeze warming you from the inside. electro, rock, ballads, lounge, disco, house.
2005.12 mashed bangers 2 another hearty helping of the best banging tracks, mashed up again in jonny's big beats blender. funky rock, chunky electro, slick synthpop and punky pop mashup mayhem.
2005.06 london leaving the sun sets on chapter 6 of jonny's life, as the sun trickles down the thames behind big ben, with a tiny little boat pub rocking furiously to the summer's hottest mixes. summer grooves, california classics, sumptuous salsa, phunked-up r'n'b and funky house, vauxhall stylee.
2004.12 dusk to dawn a hedonistic lust story, in two parts. as the sun sets on a doomed relationship, jonny drags his broken heart across clubland to party with his friends and start the next chapter. funky vocal house, afterhours dubs and uplifting trance.
2004.08 mashed bangers a hearty meal of the best banging tracks, all mashed up in jonny's big beats blender. chunky electro with sweaty r'n'b, slick synthpop with punky pop. mayhem.
2004.05 summer heaven uplifting, chilled out mix celebrating the hot sweaty joy + pain, the sultry sun and the cleansing rains of summer. vocal trance, banging house, funky riddims.
2004.04 dirrrty electro raunchy, dark, lusty, throbbing, vile electro mix. features songs about sex, drugs, scat and prostitution, with a solid grungy beat throughout.
2004.03 queer as fuck compilation of the gayest dance music of all time. cheesy dance, gay anthems, songs that defined the post-gen-x pre-gen-a'n'f generation.
2003.12 london holidaze nothing to do with christmas, these three mixes were given as gifts, each encapsulating the best of london clubland. popstarz [indie/electro/r'n'b], heaven [trance/house] and beyond [afterhours house].

2004.04 boys raunchy electro remake of gary numan's 1984 classic, "cars".
2002.05  sum autumn slummin  latin speed-lounge track encapsulating the changing of the seasons.

2002.03 fall and relax chilled-out ambient remix of depeche mode's "i feel loved"
2002.01 romance is dead dark tribal house remix of madonna's "deeper and deeper".

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